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help create gen nbn™

If you want a next generation career in a dynamic and expanding industry, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Working on the nbn™ broadband access network takes you outside, up high, below ground and cross country.  And that’s just the start – this is your chance to join the next generation of tech savvy Australians working on leading edge projects in the rollout of the nbn™ access network.

Making a career change that’s right for you 

Here at nbn, we support our Delivery Partners in the growth of their workforce. And they in turn build, operate and maintain the nbn™ access network. We understand there are Australians across the country eager to take the next step in their career, and the telecommunications industry is keen to take that step with them. 

The ongoing demand for copper, fibre and HFC Linesworkers is growing in capital cities and coastal areas of QLD, NSW, VIC and WA. Our nbn™ approved Delivery Partners are looking to cross-skill and up-skill workers with 3+ years' experience within industries requiring similar skillsets to the telecommunications industry. These industries include electrical manufacturing, trade, automotive, manufacturing, machinery retailing, construction and many more.

As a copper, fibre or HFC Linesworker, the jobs can vary between working on lead-ins to premises through to cable monitoring, installing and replacements. Your truck will be your office, giving you the freedom to have a new work location every day. 


Make a difference to Australia

At any one time, nbn has hundreds of work fronts open across Australia, with every worker dedicated to getting the job done. Every infield member of the workforce is contributing to the success of Australia’s broadband network. 






Access to nationally recognised training

All workers on the nbn™ access network have the opportunity to complete training programs to cross-skill or up-skill for their new position. Training completed through our program is nationally recognised and can lead to full qualifications with the opportunity to keep growing your career.

Work with leading edge technology

The nbn™ access network is made up of a complex suite of world-class technologies, referred to as the Multi Technology Mix™ (MTM). Our focus is on developing cutting edge technologies that work with the MTM. As we are just getting started, there’s never been a better time to join one of our Delivery Partners. 

How to become an nbn™ access network worker

1. Register an Expression of Interest  

Connecting candidates with our Delivery Partners and their subcontractors when positions on the nbn™ access network become available


2. Delivery Partner requests candidates to review

Delivery Partners can request for candidates to be referred to them for recruitment at any time throughout the year

3. nbn refers candidates to a Delivery Partner

An email is sent to candidates advising that their information has been referred to a Delivery Partner

4. Delivery Partner starts recruitment process

The Delivery Partner will contact the referred candidates and may further refer to their subcontractors

5. Delivery Partner or their subcontractor hires candidate

If hired, the candidate will become a trusted subcontractor personnel of nbn

6. Candidate commences training for the role

Dependent on the position, level of skills and previous training held

7. Candidate gains accreditation

Once accredited, the candidate can commence working on the nbn™ access network rollout

Want to help create gen nbn™?

nbn offers an online Expression of Interest registration which connects interested individuals to nbn™ approved Delivery Partners or their subcontractors through a referral process. 


Our Delivery Partners

Broadspectrum   BSA   Downer   Fulton HoganLendlease   QC     Service Stream  Tandem     Vision Stream        WBHO



Have questions?

The construction, operation and maintenance of the nbn™ network will create many opportunities for individuals and subcontractors to get involved. While nbn will not directly employ workers through the Industry Workforce Development Program, opportunities will be available with nbn Delivery Partners and subcontractors across Australia. 

Our Delivery Partners or subcontractors may advertise roles across a variety of job boards or recruitment methods. Our Industry Workforce Development Program will refer candidates onto our Delivery Partners for occupations with high skill shortages, but will not pass candidates along for every role advertised or sought by an nbn Delivery Partner or subcontractor. 

We recommend you register for the Industry Workforce Development Program as well as search for formally advertised roles. Completing your own applications will ensure your interest is received by the advertising company. 

nbn Employment. 
If you are considering employment opportunities at nbn, please visit our internal job board

nbn will refer candidates onto Delivery Partners as employment opportunities arise, but the overall recruitment duration is dependant on the internal process at a Delivery Partner or subcontractor. 
Candidates will receive email notifications when they have been referred onto a company for recruitment consideration, and should be updated about their progress by the Delivery Partner or subcontractor.

nbn seeks to source local talent in all cases but appreciates that, where skills gaps are identified, a broader search for suitable candidates will be required. 
Please visit our jobs website to view current job opportunities.

Many of our Delivery Partners have their own workforce and also utilise a subcontractor workforce. In order to provide more opportunities for employment, Delivery Partners may also refer candidates to their subcontractors to grow their available workforce.

Our Industry Workforce Development team is eager to work with community partners and other organisations to help connect candidates to careers on the nbn™ network. 

To get the conversation started, please send an email to our team with: 

Subject line: 'Community Partner Query - Industry Workforce Development Program'

Your name

Contact number 
Organisation's name 
Brief outline of how we can work together

Please send all queries to: athena@nbnco.com.au