Technology Choice Program

The Technology Choice Program provides interested parties with the option to pay for a switch to their nbn™ broadband access network technology.

What is the Technology Choice Program?

The Technology Choice Program provides the option to pay for a change to the nbn™ access technology at your premises (residential or business).

Is the program right for you?

Before applying, it’s important to determine if a change in access technology is right for you. The links below may help – alternatively, you can speak with your phone and internet provider.

Who can apply?

Every premises has the potential to have an nbn™ FTTP connection, although the costs can vary substantially depending on the unique circumstances of each premises. To apply, you must either own the premises or have the owner’s authority – you can also ask your provider to apply on your behalf. Some premises are required to be ‘ready to connect’ before you can apply. Ongoing network construction and optimisation activities can affect the timing of Technology Choice projects; if your premises is impacted we would advise at the time of application.

There are three types of applications available:

  1. Individual Premises Switch – Changing a single premises to nbn™ FTTP access technology. You don’t need to have an active service over the nbn™ access network to apply but your address must be ‘ready to connect’.
  2. Group Switch – Changing to nbn™ FTTP access technology with your neighbours. This may be of interest to neighbours wanting to share the cost of common infrastructure. There is no fixed minimum or maximum number of premises for a Group Switch, but it is most likely that there will be reductions in costs if the premises within the group are located closer together. To apply, your address must to be ‘ready to connect’.
  3. Area Switch – Changing the technology for an entire area that has a defined border. A single applicant must be authorised to represent all the relevant premises owners in that area. There is no fixed minimum or maximum size for an Area Switch, and – examples of an area that may apply: include a regional town centre, a metropolitan suburb, or a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU). MDUs may consist of, but not be limited to, blocks of units, high rise buildings, and multi-tenant commercial buildings. You can apply for an Area Switch at any time.

nbn™ access technology options available for each application type:

Original nbn™ technology offering

New nbn™ technology offering

Sky Muster™ Satellite
a a a - y
Fixed Wireless (FW)
x a a - y
Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)
x x a x y
Fibe to the Node (FTTN)
x x a - y
Fibre to the Building (FTTB)
x x x x y
Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)
x x a x y

= Available for all application types            a = Available for Area Switch            - = Under review for Area Switch            x = Not available / applicable

FTTP is always an option, regardless of the type of application or the original access technology offering. As the nbn™ network rollout continues, the access technology options may change.
Quote fee

We assess every application individually to provide a quote to build and connect the new network infrastructure. For Individual Premises Switch or Group Switch applications, the standard fee for a quote is $330 (including GST) per premises – some discounts may apply for Area Switch applications as per the table below. We are unable to provide a quote until these fees are paid.

Application type Quote fee (including GST)
Individual Premises Switch $330 per premises
Group Switch $330 per premises
Area Switch

$330 per premises for up to 20 premises

$165 per premises for each premises over 20

Capped at 200 premises for large MDUs, i.e. $36,300

POA for nbn™ Fixed Wireless requests

Build Costs

The build costs of changes as part of the Technology Choice Program are not directly comparable to the published average premises costs of the national rollout of the nbn™ access network. The published averages reflect the costs for nbn to deploy the access network on a large scale, incorporating access technologies determined to be most appropriate and cost effective for the relevant location – therefore, the cost of choosing a different technology from what has been planned is generally higher than the average.

Costs are driven by a number of factors including:

  • Proximity to existing nbn™ infrastructure.
  • Distances between premises in scope (if applicable).
  • Complexity of civil construction required.
  • Original technology versus new technology.
  • Remoteness of location.

The build costs for a change in access technology could range from a few thousand dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars per premises – and on the rare occasion, far higher than that.

Note: The cost per premises for a Group Switch or Area Switch may be lower on average than an Individual Premises Switch.

Fill in application

Complete and submit an Individual Premises Switch, Group Switch or Area Switch application online.

You will get a response within ten business days.

Pay the quote fee to progress your application

If eligible, your confirmation email will include an invoice for the design and quote fee. This fee is non-refundable and must be processed in order to progress your application. Once your payment is processed, you will receive your quote within three weeks. Your quote will include a schedule of relevant payments and a contract with the terms and conditions.

For a Group Switch, each group member will receive a quote – the amount is the same for each member and is conditional on each member of the group accepting the quote.

Pay build cost and await construction

Once you receive your quote, if you would like to proceed, sign and return the contract and make the required payment. Quotes are valid for one month, unless agreed otherwise. If any members in a Group Switch choose not to proceed, one re-quote for the remaining members can be provided at no additional charge.

Once we receive the signed contract and payment, our delivery partners will be engaged to commence construction. The construction process can take up to six months - it may take longer depending on the complexity and availability of construction teams. After the construction has been completed, we will arrange for the premises to be made 'ready for service'. Becoming 'ready to connect' should take approximately one month from the time the construction is complete.

Order services

Once the new connections have been built, tested and made ‘ready to connect’, you can contact a phone and internet provider to place an order for services over the nbn™ access network.

Choose from three different types of applications to best suit your situation.

Individual Premises Switch button
Individual Premises Switch
You can apply for a change to nbn™ FTTP as an individual home or business. Individuals are responsible for the full cost of their change to a new technology.
Group switch button
Group switch
A group of neighbours (of any number) can collectively apply for a change to nbn™ FTTP. Each group member needs to complete the online form. Groups share the cost of common infrastructure.
Area switch button
Area Switch

An authorised representative can apply for a change in access technology for an entire area – the application must include all premises within a defined border.